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Performance Analysis

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Editions: all
Versions: 5.2.0+


The following task can be used to test the performance of VIMP at the server level:


./symfony framework:performance


The following options are supported:




Individual checks can be activated or deactivated via the above parameters.




Activates the detailed output of the currently performed operation.




Enables the output of the SQL during the database check.


The requirement for running the checks is at least 1 GB of free space in the following directories:

  • VIMP root directory
  • userdata
  • userdata/media
  • logs
  • cache
  • web/cache


The following checks are executed:

  • Hardware
    • IO Speed VIMP-Root
    • IO Speed Userdata
    • IO Speed Userdata/media
    • IO Speed web/cache
    • IO Speed cache
    • INodes usage VIMP-Root
    • INodes usage Userdata
    • INodes usage Userdata/media
    • INodes usage web/cache
    • INodes usage cache
    • HD capacity VIMP-Root
    • HD capacity Userdata
    • HD capacity Userdata/media
    • HD capacity web/cache
    • HD capacity cache
    • CPU Load
    • Memory Load
  • Database
    • Connectionspeed Database
    • CRUD Tables
    • CRUD Data
  • Network
    • Connection time to own host
    • Hops to own host
    • Read from own host
    • Connect to DNS
    • Connect to internet
    • Read from internet
    • Connect to SAML servers
    • Connect to LDAP Servers
    • Read from LDAP Servers
  • Run time
    • Required time for framework init
  • Webserver / CGI
    • Amount of available workers
    • Amount of idle workers
    • Amount of running workers

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