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How to set up Facebook Connect

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Editions: Light, Ultimate, Corporate, Module Facebook Connect
Versions: 2.0+


The VIMP Facebook Connect module requires a standard Facebook account. In the following we assume that you're familiar with the basics of Facebook.

First create a Facebook application to enable the use of Facebook Connect:

(If creating an application for the first time you have to enter your mobile phone number to enable Facebook to verify your identity. You'll receive a code immediately that enables you to go on. This service is free of charge.)

Add a New App

Goto "My Apps", "Add a New App" and give it a name.



Now "Add a Product" and "set up" Facebook Login

Select the platform for this app: www / web

(Step 1) Enter the Site URLhttps://myvimpdomain.tld
and Save it. (must be https, http not allowed for fb-connect)



Click continue / Next for Steps 2-5. You don´t have to enter anything here.



On the left you have a new "Product" now: Facebook Login

Open settings under Facebook Login.

Client OAuth Login and Web OAuth Login have to be enabled.


Enter Valid OAuth Redirect URIs here like this:
https://myvimpdomain.tld/facebook/next/  https://myvimpdomain.tld/facebook/next  https://myvimpdomain.tld/index.php


Then Save Changes
Now open Settings -> Basic in the left menu.

Enter App Domains: myvimpdomain.tld
Enter Privacy Policy URL: e.g. https://myvimpdomain.tld/pages/view/id/2
Enter Terms of Service URL: e.g. https://myvimpdomain.tld/pages/view/id/1

Then Save Changes

Now enable the Facebook App in the header of the developers website and set Status = ON (Status: In Development changes to Status: Live)
Your new facebook app is created now and configured for facebook connect.

At Settings -> Basic you find
- the App ID
- and App Secret



Please add both to the facebook-connect configuration in VIMP: VIMP Backend -> configuration -> Facebook Connect and set Enable Facebook Connect as TRUE



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