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Free disk space calculation fails

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Editions: all
Versions: 4.4.0+

As of version 4.4.0, VIMP displays the disk space usage for the drive containing the userdata/ directory where all media data resides. This can also be a drive mounted on this directory.

The prerequisite for the calculation is the execution of the PHP function disk_free_space(). If you get an error message when uploading a medium that there is no more disk space available and/or you get a message in the dashboard that the free space is used up, please check if the function disk_free_space is listed in your php.ini file under "disable_functions".

If it is, please remove it from the list so that it can be executed. Do this for both php.ini files used (the one of the web server and the one of the CLI) and then restart the web server.

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