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How to reconfigure the VIMP database connection?

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Editions: Light, Community, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate, Corporate
Versionen: 2.6.0+

First, please remove the 2 database configuration files:

#>  rm config/propel.ini config/databases.yml

Then check, if config/propel.ini.example and config/databases.yml.example exists. If not, please have a look at the info-box below.

Execute the configure:database-Task:

#>  ./symfony configure:database mysql://DBUSERNAME:DBPASSWORD@HOSTNAME/DBNAME

or, e.g. to mask a password with special characters:

#>  ./symfony configure:database mysql://'dbuser':'dbpassword'@'localhost'/'meinedb'

Now VIMP uses the newly configured database connection.

databases.yml.example or propel.ini.example do not exist in the config/-directory:

In this case you have to extract a VIMP framework package manually and copy the files

config/databases.yml.example and

to the config/ directory of the VIMP installation that you want to reconfigure.

Afterwards you can execute the configure:database task as described above.

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