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HTML5 player or Flash player?

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Editions: all editions
Versions: 3.5.0+

By default VIMP uses the HTML5 player since VIMP 3.5 to play videos and audios on all supported devices.

When entering a VIMP video with an older browser that does not support HTML5 videos, the Flash player will be used as a fallback, if Flash is enabled in the browser.

If you'd like to set the Flash player as the default player for any reason, just disable the HTML5 player within the VIMP configuration. 

But please note that the latest player features like chapter marks, subtitles or seek preview will not be available with the Flash player.

If you've connected VIMP to a streaming server or if you're using the livestream module, video streams will still be played with the Flash player as the RTMP protocol does not work with HTML5 desktop browsers yet.

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