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Installation of the Wowza extension

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Editions: Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate, VoD Extension
Versions: 2.5.5+

In order to prevent unauthorized access to the media files when using the Wowza streaming server with the Video on Demand module, execute the following steps (we assume that you already created an application for VIMP within Wowza):

1. Download the VIMP Wowza extension.

2. Copy VIMP_Payment.jar from the dist/lib directory to the 'lib' folder of your Wowza installation (e.g. /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer-4.4.1/lib).

3. Edit file 'Application.xml' that is located in the 'conf/<applicationname>' folder and add the following code to the <Properties> block of your 'Application.xml' file:

151 |   <Property>
152 |    <Name>VIMPPaymentURI</Name>
153 |    <Value>http://<Your VIMP Portal URL>/paymentFrontend/mediaStatus/</Value>
154 |    <Type>String</Type>
155 |   </Property>
156 |  </Properties>

Thereby replace <Your VIMP Portal URL> with the URL to your VIMP installation.

Additionally enter the correct path to your VIMP media folder within the <Streams> block of the same file (if you didn't already enter it within the Wowza Application Wizard), e.g.


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