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What is multi-client capability?

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Editions: VIMP Corporate
Versions: 4.3.0+

From VIMP 4.3 you have the possibility to roll out several clients in VIMP, depending on the license.

Clients are "subportals" that can be customized both in terms of content and graphics.

The graphical customization possibility lies in the insertion of an individual logo as well as the addition of individual CSS.

The content customization options lie in limiting media and users as well as static text pages to the client.

With the multi-client capability you have the possibility to give each client its own media content as well as its own user base.

In addition, media can be shared between clients, so that one client can contain media from another client.

Each user is uniquely assigned to a specific client and uploads his media only to this client by default. However, the media can also be shared with other clients via various setting options.

Depending on the configuration, it is possible for users to switch to other clients via a selection box. However, this can also be explicitly prevented, so that a user only ever sees his own client.

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