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Which personal data are stored in VIMP?

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Editions: all
Versions: 4.0.2+

VIMP stores the following freely selectable data obligatory when registering a user in the database:

  • User ID
  • Username - Username
  • E-mail address
  • Password
  • Date of registration
  • Date of acceptance of the Terms of Use

In addition, VIMP offers the possibility to create further custom user fields that can be defined by the administrator, which can also be queried in the registration form and saved accordingly.

After successful registration, the following data will also be updated regularly whenever a user logs in:

  • Date on which the data record was last changed
  • Date of last login
  • Date of last access
  • Last page accessed by the user

Any user input is stored in the database and linked to the user ID. These data include, for example:

  • Media upload including title, description, tags, and all other media data
  • Media comments
  • Media views
  • Blog posts
  • Forum posts
  • Media rating
  • Media like
  • Media favourites
  • Private messages
  • Media purchases
  • E-Learning participation data

Any user interaction on the website will be logged along with ID of the the logged in user. This also applies to the SysLog, which can be viewed by authorized persons in the administration area and to the activity log of the portal, which can optionally be displayed on the VIMP start page. In addition to a user's activities, his IP address with the corresponding activity timestamp is also stored in the SysLog. The IP address can be anonymized via a corresponding setting in the configuration of VIMP.

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