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Accessibility in VIMP

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Editions: Ultimate, Corporate
Versions: 4.0.3+

From version 5.0 VIMP contains an accessible template (Ocean) according to BITV 2.0/WCAG. Older versions of VIMP already contain an accessible skin for the Pacific template.

To enable all accessibility features, we recommend activating the "Accessibility" preset. This preset only changes the configuration settings needed to provide accessibility.

These are:

Configuration -> Basic -> Templates -> Template: Ocean
Configuration -> Basic -> Templates -> Template skin: Accessibility
Configuration -> Basic -> Templates -> Ocean template skin is an accessibility skin: On
Configuration -> Basic -> Templates -> Template WebTV: Ocean
Configuration -> Basic -> Templates -> Template-Skin WebTV: Accessibility
Configuration -> Player -> Player settings -> Select Player: Video.js Player
Configuration -> Player -> Player settings -> Enable keyboard controls: On
Configuration -> Player -> Video.js Player settings -> Template style: Accessibility
Configuration -> Player -> Video.js Player settings -> Template style for Mobile: Accessibility
Configuration -> Player -> Video.js Player settings -> Enable audio descriptions: On
Configuration -> Transcoding -> Transcoding OpenSource -> Transcode to mobile MP4 (.m4v): Off

For versions lower than 5.0, please follow these steps to enable the low barrier skin:

Enable accessibility skin:

Configuration -> Basic -> Templates -> Template skin: accessibility

Please note that this skin is only available for the Pacific template.

Enable accessibility player template:

Configuration -> Player -> Player Settings -> Player design: Accessibility (VIMP GmbH) [v.1.0]

A corresponding player design can also be activated for the WebTV mode, the smartphone template (mobile) and the backend player.

Enable keyboard controls for the player:

Configuration -> Player -> Player Settings -> Enable keyboard controls

With the activation of accessibility VIMP provides additional information especially for screen readers. In detail these are:

  • offscreen equivalent to icons to give guests using screen readers
  • offscreen texts for guests using screen readers
  • appropriate alt attributes for images
  • proper focuses for screen readers (on buttons, media lists, etc.)
  • proper disabling of buttons for screen readers
  • aria-hidden attributes for elements to be ignored by screen readers
  • keyboard navigation of the website
  • keyboard navigation of the player
  • adjusted color contrasts
  • focus indicators for selectable elements (buttons, links, etc.)

In accessibility mode, the player can be controlled using the keyboard as follows:

  • Arrow key up/down: volume setting
  • Arrow key left/right: 5s back/forward
  • Pos: Go to start
  • End: Go to end
  • J/L: 10s back/forward
  • Space or K: Play/Pause
  • M: Mute
  • F: Fullscreen
  • ESC: Fullscreen end
  • 0-9: Jump to % (0%, 10%, … 90%)
  • +/- : Quality up/down
  • S: Subtitles
  • T: Theater mode on/off

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