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Enable HLS without streamingserver

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Editions: Light, Ultimate, Corporate
Versions: 4.2.5+

As of VIMP 4.2.5 you can also play your videos via HLS without streaming server (Native HLS). Proceed as follows:

  • Enable: Configuration -> Transcoding -> Transcoding OpenSource -> Enable native HLS support
  • Enable: Configuration -> Streaming -> Streaming Settings -> Enable Streaming
  • Enable: Configuration -> Streaming -> Streaming Settings -> Streaming protocol: Native HLS
  • Enable: Configuration -> Streaming -> Streaming Settings -> Enable adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR)

For the playout of videos via HLS existing media have to be re-transcoded. 

Newly uploaded videos are automatically transcoded into the appropriate formats by activating HLS support in the transcoding settings (see above). 

Videos that have not (yet) been re-transcoded will continue to be played out using the conventional method.

Important: Please note that activating native HLS support increases the storage space per medium by about 30%.

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