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How does URL signing work?

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Editiones: VIMP Enterprise, VIMP Campus
Versions: 4.0.2+

The playback of VIMP videos as video embeds on external websites can be restricted to defined domains. 


To do this, activate streaming under Configuration -> Streaming -> Streaming settings and select "Native HLS" or "HLS via streaming server" as the protocol (if you have connected a streaming server such as Wowza).


In VIMP, URL signing can then be activated in the configuration under "URL signing". 


You can also specify the list of domains on which an embedded video may be played here.


URL signing also offers the option of restricting signing to individual videos. To activate this function, first create a user-defined media field of the type checkbox:



You can choose any field name you like, as well as the displayed name.


In the media field settings, set the visibility to hidden so that it is not displayed in the frontend, but only when uploading and editing the medium.






Back in the URL signing configuration, select the field you have just created as the field responsible for signing.


From now on, only media for which the checkbox is ticked will be signed. All other media can continue to be integrated on any website without being checked.

Wowza configuration for URL signing 

If you want to use URL signing together with the Wowza Streaming Engine, please also carry out the following steps.


We assume that the Wowza Streaming Engine is already installed and configured. If not, please proceed as described in this FAQ article.


Install Wrench

Install the Wrench module as described in this article:


You also need the MySQL connector, which you can download via the download link in the Wrench FAQ:


After you have completed all configuration steps of the Wrench module and Wrench is running, log in to the Wrench GUI.


Please make the following settings there:


Name Value
wrench.db.driver com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
wrench.db.url VIMP database, e.g. jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/vimp
wrench.db.user VIMP database user
wrench.db.pass VIMP database password
wrench.encoder.token secret encoder token
wrench.token.url.parameter t
wrench.token.resolver.sql SELECT username FROM url_signing WHERE md5(token)=:hashedtoken


Replace the database values (path, user, password) with your database parameters and assign any value for the secret encoder token.


Save the settings and restart your Wrench application in Wowza.


Alternatively, you can also enter the settings directly in the application.xml of your application as follows. This can normally be found under usr/local/WowzaEngine/conf/<application>.

<Property><Name>wrench.token.resolver.sql</Name><Value>select token from url_signing where md5(token)=:hashedtoken</Value></Property>


Please replace the values in bold with your individual values.


Enter Wowza application in VIMP

Finally, enter the path to your Wrench-Wowza application in the admin area of VIMP under Configuration -> Streaming -> Streaming server URL for HLS with URL signing.


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