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How does the JS Embed work?

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Versions: 5.7.0+




First enter the ID of your HTML element on the target page in the Target ID field. For example, if you create a DIV container with the ID "my-video" on your website, the target ID entry will be "my-video".



<div id="my-video"></div>


Then configure the other options and copy the generated embed code.


Then insert this in the <head> area of your website on which the video is to appear.


The container described above (e.g. a <div>) must be placed where the video should appear at the end of the page. You can style this container via your website using CSS. For example, you can use CSS to adjust the size or the colors of the player controls.


The JS Embed Player is a fully-fledged element of your website and is completely integrated into it. Therefore, the styling must also take place directly on the embedding website.


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