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How do I install the cron jobs for housekeeping?

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Editionen: alle
Versionen: 5.6.0+


The cron jobs described below are available for automatically cleaning up the system.


To do this, first call the crontab as root:


# crontab -e

Here you insert the following lines as needed:


0 5 * * * php -f /path/to/vimp/symfony -- framework:uploads-housekeeping >> /path/to/vimp/log/housekeeping.log 2>&1


Cleans the uploads directory from orphaned files.


30 5 * * * php -f /path/to/vimp/symfony -- framework:users-housekeeping >> /path/to/vimp/log/housekeeping.log 2>&1


Cleans the user database of inactive users according to the configuration under Configuration -> Basic -> Data celanup-> Remove inactive users (default: 2 years).


0 6 * * * php -f /path/to/vimp/symfony -- framework:media-housekeeping >> /path/to/vimp/log/housekeeping.log 2>&1


Cleans the media database from old media according to the configuration under Configuration -> Basic -> Data cleansing -> Remove old media (default: 2 years).

Where /path/to/vimp should be replaced by the corresponding path to the VIMP directory on your server.


Important: The tasks defined via the cron job delete the corresponding data sets and files irrevocably. Therefore, only activate these cron jobs if you are sure that users and/or media are to be permanently deleted automatically after the defined period of time!

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