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How to perform an update/upgrade (including maintenance releases)

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This guide also applies for regularly maintenance releases.

Before the update ALWAYS backup up your files and the database!

An update or upgrade will be installed by first copying ALL purchased packages to the install folder of the server.

Then extract them as root:
tar xzf vimp.XXX.XXX.tar.gz

Adjust the owner:group (example for Debian):
chown -R www-data:www-data *

Next, please stick to the instructions of the UPDATE file in the VIMP installation folder.

Finally we update the database:
./symfony rebuild

That's it. As the cache has to be rebuild, the first call of the portal might last a little longer.

Depending on the release, it may include changes to the default template due to functional enhancements. Therefore always compare your custom template (if existing) with the new default template and adapt the modifications to your template.

If you want to install additional modules, each tarball has an "INSTALL" file included. Follow the individual instructions of the install file to install the modules.

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