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How to broadcast livestreams with VIMP?

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Editions: Module Livestream
Versions: 3.1.0+

The livestream module enables you to broadcast livestreams within VIMP.

VIMP therefore receives an existing livestream and plays it within the VIMP player.

As there is no coherent livestream protocol for all platforms at present unfortunately, you can enter multiple stream URLs in VIMP that will be used for the different devices. Supported protocols are:

  • HLS for modern desktop browsers, iOS and Android devices (and possibly other smartphones that support this format)
  • RTMP/RTMPS for desktop browsers with flash support (e.g. as fallback)
  • RTP/RTPS for older Android devices

In order to create livestreams and associated livestream URLs you need a streaming server like e.g. Wowza Streaming Engine, as well as a recoding device, like an IP cam, that passes the livestream to the streaming server.

Further information on how to create a livestream with an IP cam can be found under the following links:

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