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Accessing the API

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Editions: Enterprise, Ultimate, Corporate
Versions: 2.2.0+

See a list of available API methods at In your own VIMP installation get the list via https://www.mydomain.tld/api.

The API can be enabled or disabled within the VIMP backend (Configuration -> API).

Access permission will be granted by API keys. You can create them in the administration area of VIMP.

There are different ways to access the API methods.

GET access:
By accessing the API via the GET method all parameters are transmitted with the URL.


POST access:
By accessing the API via the POST method all parameters will be sent to the server URL encoded. The POST method is mandatory for all API methods that contain sensitive data.

Both access methods can by implemented easily into your existing applications, e.g. with cURL.

The server returns the requested data either as XML or as JSON string. The format to be used can be defined in the VIMP backend.

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