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How to set up the PayPal connection?

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Editions: Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate, VoD Extension
Versions: 2.5.5+

PayPal Plus (VIMP 4.2.0 or higher)

1. If not already available, create an account at

2. Create a new app for VIMP in the dashboard.

3. In this app you have to register a webhook on https://your.domain.tld/paypalPlusFrontend/webHookListener (replace your.domain.tld with your domain where VIMP runs).

4. Set up the cronjob to process the webhooks on your server.

5. Enter the "Client ID", the "Secret" and the "Webhook ID" in the admin panel of VIMP at Configuration -> Payment -> Payment Paypal Plus.

6. For the Sandbox mode of Paypal the option "Test Mode" must be activated.

IMPORTANT: Your VIMP platform must run under HTTPS to work with Paypal Plus.

Conventional PayPal interface

In order to set up PayPal, register for a PayPal business account on the PayPal website.

Next, enter your PayPal account data into the VIMP backend at "Configuration" -> "Payment PayPal".

As of VIMP 3.5.4 you have to install an additional cronjob to handle the IPN responses of PayPal.

To test the video on demand functionalities, we suggest to activate the test mode. The test mode doesn't carry out any real payments, but only virtual payments within the PayPal sandbox.


You can sign up for a PayPal test account at the PayPal Developer Website. Within this account you can create one or more virtual buyer and seller accounts. The account name of the virtual seller has to be entered in the VIMP backend. This enables you to make payments with the virtual buyer account.

Note that you have to login at the developer page first in every browser session, before you can use the PayPal test mode.

Before going live, don't forget to switch off test mode again and replace the virtual test account data with your real merchant account data in the VIMP backend.

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