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What are SMIL files and how to create them?

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Editions: Ultimate, Corporate, Campus
Versions: 4.1.0+

To use Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR), you need a streaming server (e.g. Wowza) as well as so-called SMIL files, which provide the available formats for the streaming server.

Such a SMIL file must be created for each video to be delivered via ABR.

If ABR is enabled (Configuration -> Streaming -> Enable Adaptive Bitrate Streaming), the SMIL file is automatically created for newly uploaded videos. For existing videos, you can either generate them individually in the media management by clicking the context menu item "Create SMIL file" or by using the

./symfony framework:createsmil

on the console.

The following options are available:

Create SMIL files for videos without SMIL files:

./symfony framework:createsmil


./symfony framework:createsmil --all=n 

Create SMIL files for all videos:

./symfony framework:createsmil --all=y 

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