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What is the difference between the Iframe Embed and the JS Embed?

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For a long time, the iframe embed was the standard way to embed videos on other websites. This type of video embed has many advantages that make embedding videos into other websites very easy.


For example, the embed code is very compact, can be easily adapted and integration is possible without programming knowledge.


However, a decisive disadvantage of the iframe embed code is that it sets a cookie in the browser, which is necessary for authentication and authorization, i.e. the authorization query in the player. This cookie is interpreted by browsers as a so-called third-party cookie and is increasingly being blocked by them.


This is why there is an alternative, JS Embed, which can be used to embed videos on other sites without a cookie. JS stands for JavaScript and describes the programming language in which the embed code is integrated on other pages. The JS embed code is somewhat more complex than the iframe variant and the integration usually has to be carried out in two places in the code. You can find more information on this in this FAQ article.

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