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What do I need to know about the Transcoding Webservice?

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Editions: Ultimate, Corporate
Versions: VIMP 4.4.0+

General information about the Transcoding Web Service can be found here.

When does the Transcoding Webservice make sense for my portal?

  • If you want to offload the Transcoding Webservice to a separate server.
  • If your server has a graphics card.

When does the Transcoding Webservice not make sense for my portal?

  • If you don't have a separate server available and you would have to run the Transcoding Webservice on the same server where VIMP is installed - and this server doesn't have a graphics card installed (in this case the Transcoding Webservice would affect the accessibility of VIMP, because it would take all the CPU resources and they would be only limitedly available to deliver the web page).

What are the current limitations with the Transcoding Webservice versus the standard transcoding in VIMP?

  • The files required for Video Editor V3 are not yet created via the Transcoding Webservice. If you use the Video Editor V3, you cannot use it together with the Transcoding Webservice yet.
  • Transcoding prioritization is not available with the Transcoding Webservice.
  • Parallel transcoding cannot be enabled with the Transcoding Webservice enabled, because it is obsolete in this case. Parallel transcoding can be enabled with the Transcoding Webservice simply by starting additional workers.

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