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What's the difference between Media Import and Batch Upload?

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Editions: Ultimate, Corporate, Module Media Import
Versions: 2.6.0+

The Media Import extension imports media files from a local directory or from an external FTP server.

All meta data (title, description, tags, etc.) and additional files like thumbnails, HTML5 formats or preview media for VOD can either be imported with the import medium or be created afterwards with the standard transcoding process.

The Media Import is only available within the backend or via cronjob, but not within the frontend. It was designed for platform operators only and not for frontend users.

It is suited especially for a fast and comfortable initial media import with existing files (e.g., if you migrate from another video platform to VIMP) or if you want to import media files directly on a regular basis, e.g. after you generated the needed file formats in your own post-production.

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