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Acceptance of the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use

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Editions: all
Versions: 4.0.2+

A registration via the VIMP registration form always requires the agreement to the terms of use and the privacy policy. What is new is that the date of consent is now also explicitly stored in the database.

Only for external registrations via LDAP, Facebook Connect or OpenID no explicit permission has been obtained so far. As of VIMP 4.0.2 the approval is therefore explicitly requested again when the user logs in the next time.

If you do not use external authentication in your portal, you can also have the consent automatically added for all existing users in the database, since in this case your users have already agreed to the terms of use and the privacy policy when registering.

Therefore, execute the following task once after the update to VIMP 4.0.2 or higher:

sudo ./symfony framework:update-users-terms

Otherwise, the renewed approval is automatically obtained after a user who registered before VIMP 4.0.2 logs in again.

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