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Adapting video formats in VIMP 4.2 after an upgrade

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Editions: Ultimate, Corporate
Versions: 4.2.0+

With VIMP 4.2 we adapted the standard video format definitions.

The "default" format now is 720p for desktop and 480p for smartphone devices.

The additional formats are 1080p, 480p and 360p.

The new default format will be applied with the update from VIMP 4.1.x to VIMP 4.2.x automatically, if you didn't modify the settings in the configuration at "Transcoding OpenSource" yet.

Please review your settings and adapt it, if necessary after the 4.2.0 upgrade.

The new additional formats will only be available with new VIMP installations. If you want to add them manually after an upgrade, please go on like follows:

Open the media formts list in the administration panel at Media -> Formats.

First, delete format 720p (as this is the new default format definition now).

Then add the new 1080p and 360p formats:


  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Video bitrate: 6000
  • Audio bitrate: 256
  • Video bitrate (mobile): 3000
  • Audio bitrate (mobile): 128
  • Weight: 20


  • Resolution: 360p
  • Video bitrate: 750
  • Audio bitrate: 128
  • Video bitrate (mobile): 400
  • Audio bitrate (mobile): 96
  • Weight: 4

Finally, change the weight of the 480p format to 5.

The weight of the default format (that is configured at Configuration -> Transcoding OpenSource) should be set to 8.

All new formats will only apply to newly transcoded videos, not for existing ones, unless you re-transcode them.

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