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Which formats do I need?

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Editions: Light, Community, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate, Corporate
Versions: VIMP 3.6+

To play videos in HTML5-capable web browsers, you need the MP4 format. All uploaded videos are always automatically transcoded into this format.

For playback of the videos on mobile devices, we also recommend another h.264 format: M4V. With this you currently cover the majority of modern smartphones and tablets.

In addition to the standard formats for desktop and smartphone playback, you can define any number of additional formats. Those can be selected in the player.

The individual additional formats can be created and edited in the backend under Media -> Formats (all versions except VIMP Community and VIMP Light).

With our standard defaults we try to achieve a good compromise between quality and file size of the provided formats.

To save storage space and/or to reduce the time of transcoding the formats and therefore the server load, you can of course define your individual formats.

Measures could be, for example:

  • Deactivation of the M4V format
    Modern smartphones meanwhile also get along well with the standard MP4 files, which VIMP creates. However, the file size and thus the transfer volume is a bit higher.

  • Deactivation of individual additional formats
    By deactivating additional formats, the transcoding time as well as the required memory space is significantly reduced. However, these formats are then no longer available for selection in the player.

  • Disabling transcoding for native HLS
    For native HLS support (streaming without streaming server), additional files will be created, increasing the storage requirements by approximately 50% per video. By disabling this option and not using native HLS, you will save a lot of storage space.

  • Reduction of the bit rate of the formats
    Reducing the bit rate reduces the file size. However, the image quality also deteriorates as a result. So, don't use this measure, if your portal mainly contains content that requires high image quality.

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