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How can I embed videos via oEmbed?

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Editions: all
Versions: 4.4.0+

Starting with VIMP 4.4.0, VIMP also supports the integration of videos on other websites via oEmbed.

To generate the oEmbed code, use the following API call schematically:




Replace my.vimp.tld with your VIMP domain, <apikey> with your VIMP API key, and <url> with the full URL to the corresponding video of your portal.


An example call looks like this:


With the correct API key, the response would look like this:


<api-response version="4.4.0">
<provider_name>VIMP Corporate Demo</provider_name>
<title>Technology Foresight - Future vision videos</title>
<description>NTT DATA Technology Foresight - Future vision vodeos</description>
<html><iframe src="" data-src="" class="iframeLoaded" width="720" height="405" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" allowtransparency="true" scrolling="no" style=""></iframe></html>

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