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How to create and send a newsletter

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Editions: Ultimate, Corporate, Module Newsletter
Versions: 2.0.9+

Open the newsletter index within the backend administration (menu item "Newsletters").

By clicking the "Add" button you can add a newsletter (e.g. "Monthly Newsletter", "Video Highlights", etc.)

Users can subscribe a newsletter at registration or at "My newsletters" within the frontend.

Subscribers can be managed by clicking the "Subscribers" link within the backend newsletter index. As admin you can delete subscribers manually here. 

New subscribers cannot be added via the backend.

The newsletter itself is called "issue". You can list all issues within the issue index and create new ones here.

Mandatory fields are sender and reply address, subject, text message and HTML message.

Additionally you have to enter a date and time when the newsletter shall be sent.

With status created or new the newsletter will not be sent.

Change the status to active in order to send the newsletter at the given time.

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