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How to use Revive for video ad delivery?

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Versions: 2.5+

The Revive AdServer offers a smooth and by the way free possibility to integrate video ad delivery into your VIMP platform. Revive supports the VAST 1.0 standard for video ad delivery.

The latest Revive version can be downloaded here.

After you installed Revive and have become familiar with the functions, follow the Revive manual to create your first video ad:

As they don't describe how to create the so called "ad tag" in the end (which we need to tell VIMP where to fetch up the video ads), we give you a short instruction here.

VIMP requires an XML file that has to be passed to the player in order to display the desired video ad at the right time.

Revive provides this XML file in the following structure:

  • <your_revive_domain> has to be replaced with the domain that your Revive server is running under, e.g.
  • <zones> has to be replaced with the zone string. This string has to be put together as follows:
    • key=ZoneID, e.g. vimp_ads=3
    • The name of the key is irrelevant for VIMP, because VIMP doesn't provide different video ad zones or rather provides them in a different way. So just name it whatever you want. Important is the correct Revive zone ID after the equal sign.
    • Before you insert the string, it has to be URL encoded. Search Google for "url encoding" to find various online tools that encode the string for you. In our example you receive: vimp_ads%3D3
  • <random_number> has to be replaced with a random string that Revive needs in order to register different video ad calls correctly and keep them apart. In VIMP you can enter the placeholder [random] that automatically creates a random number.

Finally you have a VAST URL that should look like this:[&]zones=vimp_ads%3D1[&]nz=1[&]source=[&]r=[random][&]block=1[&]format=vast[&]charset=UTF-8

Enter the URL in the VAST Configuration of VIMP in a slot of your choice in order to enable Revive to play video ads.

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